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First steps on your journey…

  • Make a new Open Beta account. Use the “Sign Up / Login” menu link on this site and create a new account with your desired username and password. Please enter a valid email address as you will need to confirm your account.
  • Understand the basics of roleplaying in an MMO. We are adding additional Story and other content as we can, however at this point our community is mainly highly creative role players. Read “Roleplay Tips” under the Support menu for guidelines for participating.
  • Familiarize yourself with the community. Spend some time reading the forums, especially the “Character Introductions” and “Ongoing Stories” boards. This will help you understand the current player storylines and how Jane Austen’s world, both real and fictional, is being used in role playing. You may find yourself unintentionally offending the room if you use today’s manners or cultural norms!
  • Know where to get help and how to give feedback. Check to see if your question is answered in our Knowledge Base. We have lots of helpful information, including articles about how to use the carriages or how to complete each Story currently available. You can get help or give feedback anytime by emailing support@3turnproductions.com, by using the Support button in the lower left corner of the website, or by posting on the forums.


Your story continues…

  • Spend your stipend of PSR in the Marketplace. If you wish to further customize your character with additional clothing options you can find them in the Marketplace. New accounts are given a stipend of 111 PSR to spend, or save, as they wish. After you purchase new clothing you can change in the Dressing Room, upstairs in Mrs. Hatch’s cottage.
  • Find a home and make it your own. Housing is at a premium in Tyrehampton so you may wish to seek out your new home in the village of Oakston. (Additional villages will be added as soon as possible.) You must start the Story “In Want of a House” from the Writing Desk in Mrs. Hatch’s cottage and pickup the housing certificate before you begin. Details about the story are available in the Knowledge Base.
  • Know where the game’s development is going. We will always change our priorities as needed from community feedback and you can keep up with our plans for the future on our Development Roadmap.