Tyrhampton Gazette - June 18--  

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~ News ~

The Tyrhampton Gazette is grieved to report the gruesome death of Mr. George Byrd at the apparent hands of bandits. The Gazette sends its sincerest condolences to his wife Mrs. Cecelia Byrd and their unborn child at 18 Mill Lane. Lord Fillintheblank of Tyrhampton Estate offers a reward of 20,000l. for the successful apprehension of the culprit.

Congratulations and best wishes are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Rackham who married at Tyrhampton Church on Sunday, May 6. The bride, nee Phillipa Prince, hails from Nottinghamshire where her parents Mr. and Mrs. William Prince still reside. The bridegroom, settled with Miss Prince's dowry of 7000l. invested in the four percents, is the son Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Rackham of County Durham. The couple are recently returned from their honey month in Dublin and are settling into their marital home.

Newly arrived in town is Miss Emmeline Pemberton of Hertfordshire, reported to hold a fortune of 30,000l. as the inheritance of her late father Mr. Nathaniel Pemberton's trade empire. She and her lady's companion join the reclusive Lord Fortescue at Blackmoor Manor, two miles north of Tyrhampton.

Also recently arrived are sisters Miss Juliana and Miss Juliet Loveday of Staffordshire.

~ Gossip ~

J. and R. Bol---, the latter formerly of Ox. U., have been called to Oxfordshire on urgent business. Is the family estate's fortune in jeopardy given the elder Mr. B.'s illness? The former Miss K.H. may be regretting her gold digging ways - perhaps that is why she has not been seen much about town recently. 

In other news from London, the infamous R. G. has been thrown in debtor's prison! His ward will remain at B. Park in Kent.

Ladies' Society not to be? Rumor has it Miss A. B. - instrumental in plans for a charity ball to benefit Three Pines School - has suddenly repaired to a convent in Ireland. Will Mrs. C. proceed without her? And what effect must this have on the allegedly converted Mr. B's holdings?

Of course, Miss A. B.'s situation must be considered preferable to that of that other Nunnery so recently established by Mrs. G. on M--- Street.

The new Sok--- heir has been sent to Russia. Rumblings of his engagement to Miss H. must have been untrue... unless the families could reach no settlement for the nuptials... or some other reason were uncovered to ruin the match.

Certainly broken is the betrothal of S. T. - recently denied access to the bar! - and Miss N. who has apparently chosen the dangers of the Continent over their impending marriage, pleading illness of her father as an excuse... and what's more, taken Miss M. E. with her to Venice! This is quite the surprise as the most desirable heir to the Sta--- fortune hardly attended to any other woman of late!

Mrs. M. is rumored to have left her husband J. M. only three months into their marriage, and while expecting. Reasons are unknown, though it is noted that Mrs. M. has been seen in the company of a certain Italian gentleman. She has now been returned to her husband's house - clearly, he has a forgiving nature.

What waters flow through the River Tyr that have so affected the mores of the ladies of Derbyshire?

Perhaps there is hope yet for Miss Bex--- who has been paid particular call by a certain itinerant dance master. Is an announcement forthcoming? (Those who recall the lady in question's unusual predilection for botany or the affairs of J-L A. would say 'Absolutement non!')

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((Yes!  Some people neglected to inform me that George was finally dead.  May I extend congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Elmsworth 😋 ))

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