Valentine's Day Ball at the Estate  

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Lord and Lady Fillintheblank request the attendance of all their freinds in Tyrhampton and Oakston at the Ball at their Estate on Saturday 10th of February current, at 4'o clock pm ((EST)).

Derbyshire, February, 1807

(( Valentine's Day was quite popular in the Regency! One period tradition had all the single men of a village or neighborhood put all the single ladies' names in a hat and draw them to determine who was your Valentine. They'd send their lady a card.

For a little extra drama, in Ever Jane we have turned this into the men draw names to determine who they will ask for the first dance at the Valentine's ball. As you can imagine, if and when the ladies find out about this, it doesn't always go over well. 😉

While in character, the ladies won't know, this event requires some OOC maneuvering. We will need to know exactly which characters are to be involved, and we will need an equal number of single men and single women. (For the record, those who are married or engaged cannot participate, and while widowers might opt to draw a name, we won't be putting widows in the pot. *shakes fist at period double standards* )

Please let me know by Thursday, February 8 which character(s) you would like to have participate in the name drawing.

On Saturday the 10th, at 2pm EST all the participating men will gather in the gentlemen's club at 1 Forest Trail across from the library to draw the names in character. I will actually be randomly drawing names in real time. If you'd like to have your character cheat, let me know in advance but please approach this with caution. If everyone cheats, it won't be fun.

The actual ball will begin at the estate at 4pm EST. ))

Posted : 31/01/2018 10:52 am
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Alexander Stanton and Lord Spencer Chichester will be in attendance. (Neither engaged nor married.)

Posted : 01/02/2018 11:46 am
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I can bring Miriam Hampton. Very impressed with anyone who manages to dual box at balls, it's hard enough in small groups.

Posted : 01/02/2018 10:15 pm

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