A note delivered to the Crew family's current lodgings  

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Mrs. Amandla Crew

I met your mother the other day. She does not like me. I mentioned the library to her. I did not realize that you had not told her.

I did not wish for you to be blindsided by her upon your return, hence this note.

I apologize for causing you any trouble.

Beryl Cavendish

Posted : 03/04/2017 10:09 pm
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Mrs. Cavendish,

I apologize immensely for any words of offence directed your way by my mother. Although, I did not expect for her to know about the library and my involvement with it, I also did not know that she had returned to Tyrehampton. For that information, I thank you. I hope everything is going well at the library! Expect a new shipment from London that is scheduled to arrive this coming Wednesday. In it there should be no less than twenty books on modern day medicine. Be sure to keep record of them all! The list can be found in the back room on the writing desk. Do not hesitate to write to me with any future concerns. Thank you again for volunteering to take such a responsibility!

Sincerely, Mrs. Amandla Crew

Posted : 03/04/2017 10:42 pm

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