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So lovely to make your acquaintance, dear hearts. Have been exploring Tyrehampton and Oakston. Miss Hatch is interesting and seems a nice sort of a girl, though perhaps a bit absentminded, as she continually forgets where she has left her handkerchief. Shepherd Brimley I think not so nice - he is not nearly as attentive to his sheep as he ought to be. No matter, the sheep seem to know their way home well enough. At the moment, however, I am in need of advice. I shall be extremely grateful for any suggestions you may have.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a new MMO player will be in want of a domicile in which to store her loot.But... how is one to find an available house for purchase?  I have visited Mrs. Hatch's writing desk, read the volume "In Want of a House," and obtained a Certificate. Have also entered many houses throughout Oakston - beastly uncivil of me to barge in uninvited, I know, but else can one do? How shall I discover which houses are available for purchase?

A second thing I am wondering is, how does one find other players with whom to interact?  Throughout all of my (rather lonely) wandering through the village, I've encountered nary a soul. I've stopped in to tea with Dorothea Hatch several times, as well, hoping she might have company and that I might introduce myself. Alas, she seems a very unpopular sort of girl, as well - it seems no one but myself ever visits her.  Where is everyone? 

I shall cards, if I'm able. Looking forward to making your acquaintances soon.


Daphne deWinter

Posted : 12/05/2019 9:47 pm
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Welcome to our world.


If you click on the address plate on the outside of a house it will let you know who the owner is or if it is unowned.  If unowned you can go inside and use your house certificate to make it your own.

To find out who is in game you can use the command /who to show who is in the town that you are in.

For those new and old in town please check our Forums at www.everjane.com under News Announcements for the most recent, and previous, patch notes.  Includes in-game new character info.

To find out more about our quest system or if you get stuck on a quest please go to our knowledge base  3turnproductionshelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us  and you will find walk throughs and helpful hints on all the quests and in game assistance.


Again welcome and good house hunting


Doug (aka Horatio Worthwaite)



Posted : 13/05/2019 2:45 am

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