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We reached a state where all the housing was taken and those who were actively playing could not participate.  We wanted to let those who had not yet had the opportunity to play with home ownership do so,  but that required freeing some homes.   We decided those who have not logged in in the last 6 mos. aren’t active players and those homes could be enjoyed by those logging in more regularly.    

If you feel that now we have improved the housing you would once again like to play more often and enjoy your home, please open a ticket with customer support.  We are going to leave the housing open to new players for the next few weeks, but will then allow those of you who feel you’d like to play again access should there still be available homes. 

As the game progresses, we will periodically be purging home ownership to allow new players to participate and help us test.  Depending on the demand, this might be more often than every 6 mos.

You will have lost nothing.  Everything in your home is still in your Warehouse.  And the houses are all going to be reclaimed for launch.  Once the game is launched, to obtain a house you will need to achieve the requisite status and it won’t be as easy as joining a story. 

We will try to accommodate everyone, but I think you will find it reasonable that those playing most often should have the most access while we need you playing to help us test.  

Posted : 30/01/2019 8:34 pm kendrafortune, Ditto2 and HeHa liked
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This is very good to know! I know many players who still very much wish to be active, but have stayed out of client more recently because of too many issues with the housing and furniture. It's a shame that there are players who spent a lot of time and energy testing out those furniture issues that now may not get to benefit from the patch, as they've lost their houses while waiting for the fix, but 6 months is quite a reasonable time frame and submitting a ticket seems a reasonable solution.

I just hope that there are enough properties left for these players to return soon.

Is there any plan to limit how many houses a player can own? This could also go a long way to helping a group, where each player runs several characters, share housing fairly. I personally refrain from securing houses for all of my characters - I stick to one property in Tyrhampton, and one in Oakston with other characters residing in houses owned by friends, spouses or relatives.

Posted : 01/02/2019 8:32 am
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I for one am extra excited about the houses being opened up. There's a group of us that's been playing regularly (some of us for over a year now) and we're all really excited to be able to use the houses! 

Posted : 05/02/2019 6:48 pm

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