Miss Lavinia Jordan  

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 After what was, by all accounts a tremendously successful first Season in London, plenty of people are baffled by Lord Jordan's decision to send his youngest daughter to stay with a distant cousin in Tyrehampton. Society was charmed by young Lavinia's lively nature and striking red curls-- who knew that the stuffy Lord Jordan was hiding such a bright, vivacious creature! Surely she would be better suited to town living, rather than some quaint little village? There are some rather scandalous rumors surrounding young Lavinia's sudden departure from the public eye, but the official story is that while the hustle and bustle of London suited the young lady's personality, it did not suit her constitution, and the doctor has ordered fresh country air and lots of bedrest.

Young Lavinia, meanwhile, seems to be taking the situation in as much good cheer as possible. Yes, she did quite adore London, but she has long held a great affection for the natural world, and Tyrehampton offers some lovely scenery! And her dear dogs will certainly be much happier with a proper yard to run about in! She is certainly trying her best to approach this with optimism... Surely any anxiety she seems to feel stems from being in an unfamiliar place, and will fade as she makes friends.

What other reason could there be?

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