Introducing Miss Diana Quincy  

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Born to an newly prosperous family in a bustling city, Diana had all the hopes of grand society. At least, her parents (the textile magnate Amos Quincy and sharp-witted socialite Elena North) did. The shy girl was perfectly content embroidering or reading in solitude, and found her family's expectations bothersome. When she was 10, pneumonia struck the family, leaving Diana in poor health. She was sent to live with her aunt and uncle in Derbyshire, and the country air did much to heal her spirits, if not her condition. After spending much of her youth in the company of three families at most, her aunt suggested attending Mrs. Hatch's school in Tyrehampton; if not for an education she could gain at home with books, then for the companionship of people nearer her own age.  Diana is apprehensive about entering this new society, but is determined that her fragile health will not prevent her from finding friendship.

Posted : 27/02/2019 4:03 pm

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