An Introduction to Miss Aubrey Groves  

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Aubrey Groves is a young 18 year old girl with lightly pale skin, wood brown hair, and forest green eyes. The product of an American mother, a poor young women who was almost always at home doing chores, and an English father, a wealthy rich Earl who bailed on his poor love interest the moment the news of conception came out. Born in America, she lived her entire life according to it's customs, helping her mother in every possible way she can. She developed interests, but could never partake in them due to her poorness. She developed a want of friends, but could never obtain the courage of making any, and stuck to her duties the best she could as comfort. Overall Miss Groves lived a rather monotone life, a constant pattern that was always predictable, and grew in that somewhat sheltered and boring environment until the age of 18. The news of her father's death reached her mother, and, stricken with a sudden idea in a reminder of the child's roots on her father's side, she saved money, pushed her daughter on a boat with a few books on etiquette, and said farewell, hoping her daughter would find a better and much more stimulating life in her father's country than in the land of freedom. Pushed out of the era of manifest destiny in America, the only home she knew, and dropped into the era of Regency in England, a strange place of strange and extreme customs, Miss Groves tries her best to completely comprehend the situation she's put in, and not get eaten alive by it's inhabitants. Will she make friends at last? Could she find a love interest, or perhaps a rival? Who knows, Aubrey's arrival is unexpected, and her destination and goals are unknown, only time will reveal the desires long buried in her heart by a state of apathy, loneliness, and predictability.

Aubrey's personality is that of a rather shy and awkward girl, she doesn't know the proper thing to say most of the time, so she doesn't say much at all. This applies somewhat with pretty much everything else, of course, unless she manages to gain confidence for a temporary amount of time, at that point she's highly talkative, but so naive of the English customs that she's bound to mess something up and lose that confidence very quickly. In short she's a very sweet, kind, and faithful girl that sees the good in everyone and knows to keep a secret, but also a rather clueless and improper (in the eyes of those who have lived in England their whole lives) girl who is American at heart, with American values and American beliefs. She tries her best to read the books her mother gave her...but, maybe she'll need some outside help with this stressful beginning of a long, long adventure...

((I hope you like her, and I hope I did this right...She was sort of formatted this way to make her easy to use for a beginner like me. I hope to meet your characters as well! Thank you for reading!))

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