A Very Late Introduction to Miss Bay James  

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Miss Bay James is from Bath and came to Tyrehampton for a new beginning after a broken heart and her parents passing away, as well as a few details she'll have to tell you herself. At 20 years old she has already formed many opinions but often finds herself rethinking her positions on things. Even though she is pretty, laughs often, is accomplished and has quite a bit of wit she still has issues thinking that she is worth much (despite her incredibly large fortune). She enjoys reading and plays the piano, in fact when she's sad or depressed that's almost always the first place she goes to. She has a habit of eavesdropping and notices things far too much, something that is both a blessing and a concern for her. She also overthinks and doesn't eat when she's stressed, which lately has been a lot. Still, she tries to find things to laugh at to get her through the day.

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Cool! Thanks 

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