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Hi There,

iam from Germany (so sorry for my bad english). Iwas searching for an RPG without fights and so i´ve found Ever,Jane. This sounded like the perfect Game for me, because iam a huge Jane Austen fan. So i was very excided to install the game and wantet to play it. But already at the beginning there was a huge bug. And because of that it wasn´t even possible to continue olaying. So how do I explain? So there is the Mouse but if i want to click something it doesn´t klick at the right point. Also its very dificult to start conversations. Some letters and words are next to the box. And if you click something wrong just nothing happens.


Very weird.

But soooo sad. I would love to play a game like this and would even spend money. But this kind of Game isn´t able to play

Posted : 15/03/2020 9:36 am
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Please send an email to so we can discuss and track this.


Thank you


EverJane Technical Support Staff

Posted : 16/03/2020 3:44 am

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