This patch is our first polish patch for the game.  Most of the work is behind-the-scenes and involves solidifying the infrastructure.


The most important of the changes has been moving our housing information out of our limited embedded database into the big game database.  This change will allow us to modify and manage the housing code more easily than we had been.

If you own a home, please check to ensure it is correct and let us know if furniture has gone wandering off, especially if it lands in the Village Green.

Frame Rate

The most visible change you will notice is an improvement in the frame rate.   All of Tyrehampton is now running at 30 Frames Per Second (the yellow numbers in the corners of the photographs)  or faster.   We have to make the same modifications to Oakston and the Estate before launch, but this should make moving about the village run more smoothly.  If you find a catch, do let us know.  There are some spots where we need to split up processing to preserve frame rate, usually having to do with stories.  Do let us know if you find any places where you consistently “glitch” while moving.



We have not added new stories, but have made the existing stories more robust.   We no longer stack funerals and concerts atop one another, but if one is running you will simply join that one.   Sabotage is consistent now and if you haven’t yet tried it, this would be a good time.


We are now starting countdown to launch.  Some of the story code still needs some behind-the-scenes clean-up and we have some small modifications to systems like gossip, but the underlying code is now sufficiently stable it is time to switch to content, content, content.

Nine months of nothing but content and a final 3 months to prepare for launch and we are estimating the launch of the game will be fall, 2020.   Hopefully we will have a couple of content only patches between now and then to get the necessary beating upon the game to ensure we scale to launch level participation.

Thank you all who have participated to now.  Your feedback helps us make a better game.   We could not be doing this without your support.  Thank you.