Welcome to the first release of 2019.

This is our first polish pass on housing now that the game is “feature complete”.   We have limited the number of items each room in a home can have and the number of accessories each piece of furniture can have.  We’ve cleaned up a great deal of the code under the covers which you cannot see, but will make future changes infinitely easier.

We have given customer support a tool through which they can fix issues in the home.  As part of this change, any items in your home but not in your warehouse can be added to your warehouse by simply putting it away.  This allows us both to correct any issues with purchases and also to give little gifts to our players because we can.

We have added a finer granularity of movement for the furniture so you can more accurately fine tune decorating.  And the UI flow has changed to require fewer mouse clicks and allow different actions from a broader variety of screens.  (“Put Away” is a prime example of this change).

Message of the Day

We have added a “Message of the Day” to the client allowing the developers to inform players of different changes without having to update the servers.  This should make communication between the dev team and the players far simpler.   The current Message of the Day regards changes in the housing.  In order to further test and allow more of our beta players the opportunity to provide feedback on housing, we have unowned any houses where the player hasn’t logged in since our last patch in June.

MAC Build

As you know, the current MAC client does not work on the most recent MAC OS.  We still provide the client for those who have not updated to the latest OS.  But for those who have, for now we suggest building a windows partition and playing the game from there.  The following tutorial tells you how to create a windows partition:  https://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-run-windows-on-your-mac–mac-44655

We intend to launch with a fully functioning MAC client and are exploring options for obtaining the requisite expertise to resolve the issue.

Upcoming Patches

Which brings us to the timing of the patches.  With a team of 9 people we were able to put patches out quarterly, but now that all the artwork is complete, though not all yet in game, the team is down to two people who will complete the polish and adding of content prior to launch.  With a smaller team we plan on a slower patch schedule.    We will loosely aim for a patch every 6 mos., more if a feature is sufficiently polished to warrant getting it out sooner.

Keeping in touch

We have cut some of our social media outreach according to the change in team sizes.  The best place to stay in touch with what we are doing is our web site :  https://everjane.com/category/newsletter/

For a far more informal and more frequently updated location check out our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Everjanepage

You can also sign up for our newsletter on our web page: https://everjane.com/my-account/


Next Up

We need to move the housing from our internal database (which filled up causing some issues) to our big database which will allow us greater flexibility.  Once the schema is updated the plug-in modified,  furniture will get one more polish pass.   So get those furniture notes into customer support as you test out the new furniture placement features.

The quest system needs optimizing and could be more robust when it comes to multiple goal quests such as “Sabotage”.   We will simultaneously be improving our story builder while adding more content to the game.

The newspaper will be improved to include news stories from history as well as local stories built from the event system (beware your actions or you may find yourself in the newspaper which is something no lady or gentleman would aspire to).