Hello friends of Ever, Jane and welcome to our new website!

We have spent a good deal of time transferring our forums, marketplace purchases, and other information from our old site and hope that you will find this an easier to use experience. We’ve done lots of our own testing, but as always, please tell us if you find any potential errors or have questions about where something is now located.


This area has undergone some of the biggest changes. Now, you can change your forum Display Name in “My Forum Account” after logging in to the website. We also hope that you find a much improved editing experience in these new forums! If there are any typos of your past haunting you please avail your self to this new feature. (If you have any problems editing or creating posts please contact us using support@3turnproductions.com or the ? Support button on the lower left side of the website.)

Note: Forum posts by new accounts are moderated for the first three posts. If you have any questions about this new policy please contact support.


Due to some differences between our old and new systems your past Marketplace purchases will appear in a single purchase in your My Account / Orders page.

Change Password

My Account is also the page where you can now change your account password! (For now, please use this place to change password instead of the button on the game client.)

Next Open Beta Game Update

We are hard at work testing, and breaking, and fixing, and testing (…) the next Open Beta update. The new update includes an AI system, the first iteration of which gives every home a butler and every new player a footman to announce the player to Mrs. Hatch’s butler.  This now allows us to add morning calls where player’s can leave their calling cards to those to whom they owe a visit.  We will also be fixing the broken houses and horses.


We do not yet have an expected release date and will update here when we have more news.


Thank you as always,

The Ever, Jane Team