Good day, dear friends!

Update 4 for our Open Beta is now available. We’re excited to add the townhouses and cottages to home ownership, construction on the estate, carriages you can both drive and ride as a passenger as well as the long-awaited ability to ride horses. In addition, we have done work on the story system which will enable us to add additional story content more easily.Property has been at a premium in Tyrehampton. Even with the addition of townhomes and cottages to the available property list, our small village has a thriving housing market. We ask that you /unown any home you own if you are not actively playing. We will begin sending polite reminders to anyone who owns a home and has not logged in during the last 30 days. Your home will be unowned if you do not login and begin playing within 7 days from this warning.

Transportation is an important part of anyone’s day in the village! With this update, you can use the new “Horse” button on the action bar to summon/dismiss your own horse to ride. New riding outfits have been added to the Marketplace to help you look your best. Take your friends for a ride around the village as barouche carriages can now seat two passengers, in addition to a careful driver. (Exiting a carriage is now performed through pressing the carriage button.)

While still ever constructing his Estate, the Lord of the manor has unveiled the latest changes. Wander through the new layout, race your horse to the new garden folly, and spend your afternoon taking tea in a proper sitting room.

These are the highlights of this latest Open Beta Update and we encourage you to read more details in our forums:—Open-Beta-Release-Notes-Update-4—March-21-2/

Thank you for your continued feedback and support,
The Ever, Jane Team

Ever, Jane Update 4 Riding Outfits Image