Dear Friends,

December’s patch is now out! Slightly later than we’d planned – sorry about that – but we think you’ll like the newest feature – home ownership.

To claim one of the terraced homes for your own, go to the Writing Desk in the Parlour and click on “Stories”. You will see that there is a new one, called “In Want of a House”. Click on the title, and follow the instructions!

When you have your house certificate, go and find an unoccupied terraced home – you will know which ones are available, because they have a small front garden and gilt lettering on their name-plates, whereas the occupied ones have grey. Go in, and click on your certificate to use it.

Once you have your house, you can redecorate it, move the furniture around, buy new furniture (from the Marketplace) and place it as you will, call on your neighbours, and generally have fun. Don’t forget which is your house, though! But if you do, you can click on any house address plaque to see the name of the owner in Chat.

Other than that, we are beginning to rebuild the Great House on the Estate. Do have a wander around and tell us how you like it. It’s still only sketched out in parts – enough, we think, for you to hold a seasonal party there if you wish, but it is by no means finished. Still worth a look, though.

The first thing you’ll probably notice, though, is that we have made changes to the user interface, and it’s a bit less cluttered, we think. But behind the scenes, which you can’t see, we’re about half-way through changes to the game’s infrastructure which should help it run more quickly.

As always, please let us know any bugs you find – even if you aren’t sure they are bugs, but we always like to know. Mail us at

Have fun playing Ever, Jane.

With best wishes and the compliments of the season,
The EverJane development team.

Release Notes are available to view in the forums:—Open-Beta-Release-Notes-Update-3—December-9/