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Heir Apparent

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TabBel This is my first time writing a story online, so lets have some fun with it! Please feel free to add- and excuse the poor grammar.

"Your Uncle Francis is dead." Mother said matter-of-factly one day to her daughter Susan. Susan looked up from her needlework.
"I didn't know I had an Uncle," she replied. The two ladies were sitting across from one another in the morning drawing room. Although the early morning sun shone through the tall windows, it was still cold in the room. Susan tightened the shawl around her shoulders and glanced at the empty fireplace. Why was mother so frugal when it came to lighting the fire?
"Well, you did have an Uncle, and now you do not." Mother sighed. "He was your father's older brother. His will...he did not posses a large fortune, but he did bestow upon us a small property- a cottage. Although, heaven only knows what we will do with a tiny cottage in such a small, far off town It is so typical of your Uncle to do something so pointless! I suppose we could sell it or rent it out- but it must be inspected first, and that is such an inconvenience!"
Susan nodded. She supposed her brother Frank would be summoned shortly to visit the cottage and ensure its true value.
"The cottage is in a village called Tyrehampton, a full days carriage ride west of us. I am certain you have not heard of the place before- your geography was always lacking, my dear. There is a reputable school for young ladies there, supervised by a reputable woman called Ms. Hatch. Susan, are you listening to me?"
Susan snapped to attention. "Yes, of course, mama."
"Good. You will need to take the manservant, my dear. Oh, and here, I have a letter for you to convey to Ms. Hatch when you arrive. I have permission for you to stay at her premises for the two or three days you will need to fully inspect the property."
There was a full minute of silence. "Me? You want me to go?"
"No, but your brother Frank is indisposed at the moment with other business, and I...I am not well enough to travel. As you know, your father is away on business and we do not expect him back for weeks yet. You are the only one who can go."
And so it was, two days later, Susan and her family's elderly manservant James mounted the travelling carriage in town. They were in for a long ride.

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Lady Jupeck That was so fitting!
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