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Terrance DeForres (De-Fors)

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TheHonorableSpinster Greetings. Seeing as this is a forum and not an executive gala, I am not exactly sure how to address myself.
I suppose I must simply begin.
My name is Terrance William Fenton DeForres, and I am the 3rd heir to the DeForres line, owners of a large mining conglomerate in the south of France. Toulouse, I believe.
I have many relatives there, the most prominent being my younger brother Phillip, and his wife, The Duchess Eliza.

I myself live in England, (obviously) enjoying the finer pleasures of the English countryside.
My personal preference of sport is Foxhunting. I consider myself a champion, and those in the lesser ranks choose to call me "Fox" sometimes. Whether this is in reference to my hunting ability, red hair, or inability to find a wife, I have no idea, but there you are.
They are beneath me, as are nicknames, and I challenge any man in England to best me in my chosen sport.

Lastly, pertaining to my username, it was selected by and for my sister Celeste. A peevish girl of 14, it was ill chosen, and I apologize to all it may offend.
I am a bachelor, it is true, but those who read my username and believe me to be a lonely woman, need not apply, as their affections will not be met by anything other than entertained surprise, and the ridicule of my peers.

Good Day
Posted 1 year ago
Sarah ((If I felt that a greeting by someone of lower status such as myself would be of comfort and welcome, I would warmly greet you.))
Posted 11 months ago

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