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Dalton Hello,
I have been following the progress of Ever Jane for a few months 'from the outside' since a friend told me about it, but only downloaded the beta and tentatively stepped inside about a week ago.

My background is in history, but I spent twenty-five years of my life pointing out inaccuracies in television/film props and I am done! So I am here completely for fun.

I lived for ten years in Germany, and was quite surprised at the strength of the 'non-violent games' market there. (I know, considering recent history, I should not have been surprised really, but game-store shelves stocked with City Bus Simulator and Logging Truck 2016 come as a bit of a shock!). I probably fry aliens and dismember orcs as much as any gamer, but I think it really positive for there to be all sorts of options available in gaming, and a multiplayer game around Jane Austen literature sounds like a wonderfully creative game to be encouraged.

I have played many, many computer and tabletop RPGs over the years, but I am completely new to multiplayer online gaming (never had a fast enough connection before!), so I apologise in advance for being rather rubbish. You'll probably see me lurking around the village for the most part as I get used to how people interact and the overall expectations within the game. Feel free to take pity on me (or shoo me from hanging around your window!).

I also want to seriously playtest the game and help to make it as stable as possible for release, so I may often be in that 'do everything, try everything' mode. If that was your carriage that... somehow... became stuck up a birch tree in Template Village, I... um... I'm not sure how that happened; but I am certain the person responsible would be very sorry...

The rough outline for my character (Dalton Francesco) is that he has returned to England after several years overseas. He is quite obsessed with the new 'Romanticism', so much so that whatever he tells you will be heavily coloured by whatever new Romantic work he has just devoured -- poem, art, music. He could never actually lie about his past, but he may tell different people slightly different versions of anything at different times, influenced by his newest artistic exposure. He may want to bore you about William Blake. He pictures himself the consummate Romantic hero, but is clearly far too old and far too comfortable to truly be any such thing. I'm trying for a character that is affable without being (too) annoying, intriguing without being completely confusing and opaque. I have no idea if I am capable enough to pull it off, so I am happy to have others nudge me if Dalton starts heading into surreality or caricature.

Thanks again for letting us experiment with your game in development, and I look forward to playing with you all later! Wait... what... I can't use Frankie Howerd double-entendres in Tyrehampton.... drat!

Posted 1 year ago
Doug Welcome and please enjoy what we have to offer in Tyrehampton and the Estate ballroom.

Thank you for playing

EverJane Technical Support
Posted 1 year ago
Flore Welcome to the game! My main character is Eleanor Robins. Hope to see you in game!
Posted 1 year ago

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