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I’ll see you all in about a month!

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Sarah Good day, everyone! I wanted to let you know I will be offline (usually in game as Customer Service character Sarah Worthwaite, forums and support tickets) for about a month to recovery from surgery. I’m eager to catch up on feedback, the next update and all the storylines when I get back!

But… I just realized I’ve never actually introduced myself. So hello. :) My name is Sarah and I’ve been on the development team for Ever, Jane for about a year now. I’m our Producer and assist with as many other roles as I can, such as Customer Service/QA, Community, Art Support, Technical Art, etc. I’ve been a video game developer for 10+ years starting as a Game Master (CS) for EverQuest and EverQuest II. After that, I’ve worked as an Artist, Producer or Art Outsourcing Manager on many different projects. (The Agency, Magic: The Gathering - Tactics, Project Copernicus, Neverwinter, Champions Online) I love what games can do for building communities and connecting people and I’m so excited to be working with wonderful people on a wonderful project.

So, that’s me and I’ll see everyone again in a month!
Posted 1 year ago
EarthenForge *waves*

Hi Sarah!

Thanks for all the work you do in supporting this special community.

Best wishes for a smooth recovery. <3
Posted 1 year ago
Sarah It's really good to be back! *happily smiles at everyone*
Posted 1 year ago
Hope Welcome back!! :)
Posted 1 year ago

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