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Hello, everyone!

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JoMarch I'm Rebecca but you can call me Becca, Becs, Beck, Jo, Supreme Overlord... I answer to anything except Becky ;). In game, I'm Josephine March (can you tell what my favorite novel is?) I have some RP experience but this is my first actual RPG-- my experience is only with forums and social media. Any tips for playing on a MacBook? I'm excited to begin writing my backstory and start figuring this all out.

Posted 2 months ago
JoMarch Oops, I should probably mention I have another character! She is Amelia Haddington-- you will probably see her far more than Josephine as Josephine was a bit of a "test" character.
Posted 2 months ago
HeHa Hello! I saw Jo, but I'm not sure she saw Miss Hampton. It would be hard to see anyone while facing the corner.
Posted 2 months ago
byzantiumc Hi Becca/Jo!
Little Women was the absolute favourite book when I was young. I have read /all the sequels, even though I vowed never to read them after Jo did't marry Laurie (but in retrospect, I /do see why she made that choice).
I play Emma Button, all the Gardiners, and now, two gentlemen characters.
I haven't met Amelia Haddington yet - I'm guessing you are a US player and keep different times than us? We would love to meet you, so if you ever have time in the afternoon (your time) at around 11 am to 3 pm, do jump in to RP with us. Welcome to Tyrehampton!
P.S. I think there is a comment thread on the forum about playing on a Mac.
Posted 2 months ago
kendrafortune Hi Becca/Jo, looking forwards to meeting you in game soon! I play the Fortunes, Sir William Devereux and some other incidentals. We've got a few ongoing stories going at the moment but don't be shy about coming into the conversation if you find us mid-chat, it's always good to have a new player in the mix! :-)
Posted 2 months ago
sophiaunderwood Welcome Becca & Jo. (Darn, I have been slacking on player intros recently!) Look forward to meeting Miss Haddington in game. I play several characters, but since pretty much all the new players this fall are making women, I only bring my men into client: Reginald Gordon and Adam Wilson. Hope to see you about soon!
Posted 1 month ago

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