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A Shy Hello

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Emina Hi, my name is Emina and I am currently playing as Miss Emma Smith. This is the first Rp game that I am doing so any advice would be appreciated. I love Jane Austen's work and so when I found out about this game, I knew that I had to play it. I look forward to playing with all of you
Posted 2 months ago
kendrafortune Hi Emina, we met in-game yesterday (Travis de Morte.) Only advice I have is make yourself a character you like playing with a back story you can keep track of, and then just have fun with it! And don't worry too much about the story/quests because they are still a bit temperamental.
Posted 2 months ago
byzantiumc Hi Emina, I play Emma Button, the Gardiners, and now, some gentlemen characters as well. I think I saw Emma Smith about. Feel free to emote Mrs.Hatch and introduce yourself if we're about, or even in the middle of RPing. We're always happy to have a new player.:)
Posted 2 months ago
sophiaunderwood Welcome Emina! It is very common for EJ to be folks' first rp experience. It was mine when I started with the Kickstarter many moons ago! I've been slacking on client and the forums recently, but am going to try to be in some over the holiday weekend. I play several characters, but you're most likely to see me in client as Adam Wilson or Reginald Gordon.
Posted 1 month ago

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