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apandaplease Hello I'm completely new here and trying to figure things out! I currently only play Lady Amaris Kinney. I'm eager to RP with everyone! But Please bare with me as I figure things out! I was roaming around the town but couldn't find a soul xD

I hope to see someone soon. I want to be able to develop my character!
Posted 2 months ago
kendrafortune Hi! I did see you wandering around last night. Just get Mrs Hatch to introduce you (you'll have to emote it yourself, ie. "Mrs Hatch introduces Lady Amaris Kinney") and jump into the conversation. :-)
Posted 2 months ago
apandaplease Thank you for the information! Hopefully I will get a hand of everything :)
Posted 2 months ago
sophiaunderwood Welcome! Is your character the daughter of a peer, or the wife of one? I do want to make sure my lads Reginald Gordon and Adam Wilson use the proper address if and when we meet. Sorry to see it's apparently been weeks since I checked in on player intros! I hit a busy streak at work and it sounds like the other US players have been unable to get in client much as well. Hope you stuck with it and we'll cross paths soon!
Posted 1 month ago

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