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dagngayt My name is Dagna, and I live in the UK.

My main character at the moment is Miss Patience Merrythought; she is inspired by Miss Bates in Emma, and Mrs Smith and Anne Elliott in Persuasion - a not so young lady who is on the way to being despised and used as a drudge by her parents and sisters, who has been given an escape by her (doting and rich) grandfather. One of her brothers (who all aided and abetted her grandfather in organising her escape) may appear to from time to time.

I play a few MMORPGs, mostly Runescape and Everquest 2, and the part of those I like best is the crafting/tradeskilling, so I am looking forward to when sewing and painting and so on arrive. I have all sorts of ideas for that, but that is for another thread...
Posted 3 months ago
sophiaunderwood Welcome Dagna! Love the idea of basing a character on Miss Bates - particularly Miss Bates on the loose! I play several characters, but you're most likely to cross paths in client with Adam Wilson or Reginald Gordon. Do have Mrs. Hatch make an introduction should you see them. It sounds like Miss Merrythought would not need any encouragement to strike up a conversation!
Posted 3 months ago
byzantiumc Hi,
I think my MC Emma Button met your MC Patience Merrythought in the parlour. You and I discussed Anthony Trollope OOC. I haven't played MMORPG before - other than a few pointless hours on Second Life - but I'm into pc games (open world adventure, real-time strategy, and turn-based strategy), so I second your interest in the skills aspect of the game.
Welcome to Tyrehampton. :-)
Posted 2 months ago

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