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TrueWizard1507 Hiya peeps, I'm Chloe! I play in-game as Clara or Eliza McTavish (Clara seems to be more popular at the moment so I'm sticking with her). I'll soon be adding their older brother Jamie to the mix so keep an eye out. Feel free to say hi if you see me in-game.

Note: as a UK player the time zones are obviously different. Greenwich Mean Time (London) is approximately 8hrs ahead of Pacific Standard Time, meaning 12pm here is 4am over there. For this reason, you may not see me around all the time.

Any other UK players here or am I the only one?
Posted 3 months ago
sophiaunderwood Welcome Chloe - left you a note on your character intro as well, but figured I'd still drop a line here.

Most of the regular players are based in the US, while many of the new players who have joined since the release of the Guardian article are in the UK. We're hoping to have a ball in game soon timed so that US players can be on in our afternoon/your evening and we can all overlap a bit more.
Posted 3 months ago
TrueWizard1507 As yes, I did see your note on my other thread as well! It's nice to meet you!

I'd figured that most regular players were in the US, as I can mostly never seem to find anyone. Strangely enough, that Guardian article lead me straight to the game - I thought it was a wonderful concept!

A ball sounds perfect - I was hoping to throw one myself but, as you can probably tell, I haven't met many people!
Posted 3 months ago

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