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Lora277 Another newbie, nice to meet you all! You'll find me in-game as Miss Henrietta Elliott

Ashamed to admit I'm already a little lost, I started the tutorial and the Magazine is telling me to click Stories... without indicating any button or NPC that I'm supposed to click?

Also, is there anyway to see my character from 3rd person rather than 1st person?
Posted 3 months ago
Doug At the moment we do not have the resources to implement 3rd person camera views - hopefully in the future but no eta.
Posted 3 months ago
sophiaunderwood Welcome Miss Elliott! I play several characters, but you are most likely to see me in game as Adam Wilson or Reginald Gordon for the time being.

Head inside Mrs. Hatch's and click the writing desk in the parlor. The Stories button is there, but be forewarned - many of the quests are buggy. I'd encourage you not to get too hung up on those and jump into roleplay with us instead!
Posted 3 months ago
Lora277 Hello! I'll look out for you :)

Yes, typically I worked it out as soon as I logged in after typing my question, and after running around after a phantom handkerchief for a bit I thought, yes, the quests aren't quite ready.
Posted 3 months ago

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