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New and excited!

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Holly Price Hello my dear fellow players,

I am a Jane Austen addict. Will be playing as Richard Westerley or Holly Price in the future and I am super excited about this game. As I suffer from severe motion sickness when playing first person games (always have, always will, my brain just can't cope), I will only be online for short stretches of time but am looking forward to what is going to happen in the developement of the game. I am a sucker for graphics, so I am very happy about all the detail already and looking forward to more of that. Also, there was an announcement about more music. Looking forward to that as well. Also looking forward to all the stories that will happen in this world. Finally, and this goes out to the developers: I am praying for a third-person-perspective option ever since I found out about this game and hope you will consider implementing it. (I am one of those people who even play Skyrim in third person, because I just can't handle it otherwise. I was told it gets better with more gaming experience, but it just doesn't).

Looking forward to meeting everyone in game!

Posted 3 months ago
Lady Pomona Hi Holly, I'm new to Everjane too. My character is Caroline Pendragon, come and say hello if you see me :)
Posted 3 months ago
sophiaunderwood Welcome Holly! I play several characters, but while there are so many new female characters coming in, I'm sticking to my gents: Adam Wilson and Reginald Gordon. Hope to see you in client soon!
Posted 3 months ago
Holly Price Oh, @Lady Pomona. We already met in game I think. Hope to see you again soon. :D @sophiaunderwood Yes, after I first made my Holly character, I went for gents pretty quickly as well. So for now, I will be mostly online as Richard.
Posted 3 months ago
kendrafortune Hi holly! I also get motion sickness from 1st person perspective, though weirdly not always (Skyrim ok, Dishonoured not!) but fortunately for me EverJane is mostly standing around talking!

I generally prefer playing as gents, they get a bit more leeway with what they can say before eyebrows are raised! (apart from Lady K who I deeply apologise for in advance)
Posted 2 months ago
byzantiumc Hi Holly
I totally understand the motion sickness thing - I have it pretty bad which is tough if you love games, right? (I had to stop playing Assassin's Creed, which is a shame because it's a wonderfully immersive game in a historical setting.) Thankfully, as Kendra says, EverJane is mostly chatting.
I play Emma Button and I think I've seen Richard Westerley around. I'll be sure to say hi if I see Richard or Holly again.
Posted 2 months ago

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