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Hi, Hello, and greetings!

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Posted 3 months ago
SoloShot Well I hit send before I actually wrote a post, posted the whole thing twice, and then couldn't edit or delete it so I am basically making the best first impression on the face of the plane

So let's try again.

Hi, Hello, and Greetings my name is Zoe and I made an account around an hour ago and have no idea what I'm doing. I've been a roleplayer for years in the US (everything from playing vampires in the Minds Eye Society to a post-apocalyptic doctor in the Dystopia Rising LARP). I've always been obsessed with reading and rereading Austen books so when I found out about this game I was ecstatic. Unfortunately for all that I'm uber excited I suffer from some issues which make MMOs hard for me. I'm hoping I can meet a few people here OOC and then maybe set up predetermined times and scenarios to very delicately dip my toes into this online roleplay world.

I've created the character Anne Wright who's parents untimely death has sent her once simple life spiraling into uncertainty.

I hope I can make some friends and have some amazing times!
Posted 3 months ago
MomentoVivere Hi Zoe, was a pleasure meeting you earlier and sharing the experience of us both getting our footing in the game. I live in the UK so may be hap-hazard how often we bump into each other.

Hopefully Faith Sanderson and Anne Wright can have many more outings together!
Posted 3 months ago
SoloShot Oh my gosh hello! It was so wonderful meeting you in the game and trying to find flowers together! I'm an insomniac so I'm often up very late at night (my time) so we might be seeing each other more often than not. Text roleplay is the perfect outlet for me at times like that.

I hope Faith got the letter Anne sent asking if she would like to come over for tea, I think we have the bones of some great roleplay!
Posted 3 months ago
sophiaunderwood Welcome Zoe! I play several characters, but with so many new players making female characters, for the time being I'm focusing on keeping my gents in client. If you see Adam Wilson or Reginald Gordon about, do say hello.

You are definitely not the only US player who keeps odd hours. As for predetermined times, many of the regular players are plotting a ball for the upcoming weeks to help engage the newcomers. Keep your eyes peeled on the forums for the invite!
Posted 3 months ago
SoloShot Oh, I will most certainly say hello shy as I might be, or at least I will make a grand attempt to do so and probably blunder about. I could make a gent but I know more about proper feminine etiquette than I do the masculine variety.

I have GOT to make more friends about town if their is a ball coming up soon how else am I going to snag an invite! Thank you for giving me a bit of forward notice so I can get ready and maybe get a new gown made up!

Posted 3 months ago
Lady Pomona Hi, I'm also new here. Very excited to hear about the ball! If you see Caroline Pendragon about do please come and say hello :)
Posted 3 months ago
Soloshot Hi! I've read your character introduction and its pretty swell. I can't wait to meet you in game!
Posted 3 months ago

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