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Hi guys :)

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Lady Pomona Hello all! I read about Ever, Jane in the Guardian review last week (a UK newspaper, is it published in US too?) and was so excited to have a go myself. I am completely new to online rp games so apologies if I'm not doing it correctly! I am a huge Austen fan and I'm really intrigued by the potential of this idea. My character is Caroline Pendragon, whose back story I've posted a short back story in character introductions. Hopefully I will manage to be online at the same time as a few others people. I did have a short session last night but I think I might be out of sync with a lot of you US players! Look forward to meeting you all, X
Posted 3 months ago
sophiaunderwood Welcome Miss Pendragon! LOVE your username btw - does Caroline wear a lot of Pomona green? ;)

I play several characters, but with so many young misses being created in the wake of the Guardian article, am sticking to my two gents for the time being - Adam Wilson and Reginald Gordon.

Yes, most of the folks who have been playing frequently during open beta are in the US. There seem to be a lot of newcomers in the UK though, and we're keeping in mind that you're a few hours ahead of us as we plan a ball to help engage new players. We'll make sure we can hop on during the afternoons our time when we can to be available to help you guys however much you need.
Posted 3 months ago

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