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Sincerely, Alex

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xmissbutterflyx Hello all! I'm Alex, 20 (In less than a week), and I'm a huge fan of non-killing MMO games. I'd rather not hit the 1 and 2 buttons until an orc falls over. Instead, I'd prefer to chat with other players, shop, and explore; and this game seems to be that niche! I'm also a fan of Jane Austen and think the world she's created in her works make a delightful idea for a game. I'd love to start up some conversations and meet new people, so don't be afraid to reply or send me a message! I'll see you all in game.
Posted 7 months ago
xmissbutterflyx As for my character... Her name is Sapphire Bancroft, and she's a 23 year old woman who was born and raised in a town called Roswell. Her father, a novelist with a weak heart, died of a heart attack when she was nine, leaving her and her mother Blaire almost dirt poor. As a result, Blaire began grooming Sapphire to grow up and marry a rich man to save them from poverty.

In those long, tiresome years, Mrs. Bancroft grew increasingly impatient with her daughter's disinterest in men. As a result, she reached out to a wealthy man by the name of Caesar Pendleton, and arranged a marriage between his nineteen year old son Jamie, and Sapphire. True, they may be a few years apart, but gold digging knows no age.

Jamie and Sapphire did get along, thankfully. They grew in to close friends, and still debated tying the knot. Marrying someone you're close to without the pressures of romance has it's perks.

Blaire was thankful her daughter had been so agreeable, until she found out from Jamie that Sapphire preferred the company of women. Outraged, she disowned the poor girl, who made her way to the next town over to start anew. That town happened to be Tyrhampton. She might just be passing through, or she might stay, depending on the people she meets.

Sapphire prefers to keep her past behind her. She's quiet, and doesn't make friends easily. As a result of the 14 years she spent learning how to be a proper woman, she's polite, can play viola, piano, and sing, and even though she isn't a talented cook, she tries. Sapphire's dreams are to write a bestselling novel, just as her father set out to do; and to one day earn the right to fall in love and marry without fear of prejudice.
Posted 7 months ago

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