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I Am Sure We Shall All Be Great Friends

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Caroline Penvenen Hello! My name's Renee, and I'm entirely new to the world of role-playing. I have, however, been intimately acquainted with Miss Austen's world for quite some time, and am hoping to meet some new friends and in general make merry and be happy. I am an aspiring writer (creative fiction) and a musician (violin, piano, and voice). My dear character is Caroline Penvenen, who will be introduced in more detail on the Character Intro thread. Best wishes to you all!
Posted 8 months ago
Grizella Campbell-Coffin Hi! I know I'm at least a week late, but welcome! A great many, perhaps even 'most', of current players were new to RP when they joined. I play Grizella Elmsworth, Georgiana Beaumont, Richard, Priscilla, and Jeanne-Elisabeth Reneau.

You've probably noticed client has been pretty dead, lately-that's because a lot of the regular players have been having a lot of technical problems with getting in to client since the last update. Hope to 'meet' you soon!
Posted 8 months ago

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