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jana Hello,

I'm Sophia Landon (in game) and Jana (every where else). I'm not new to MMOs, but I find myself stumbling around (ungracefully) in this new world. A very special thanks to Horatio Worthwaite for providing guidance during my first few minutes in-game.

I'm currently enrolled in a graduate Austen lit class, and I was hoping to find a way to both conduct my research AND have fun. If anyone is willing to share their experiences with me, whether it be in Ever, Jane or as a reader of Jane Austen, please feel free to email me at

And- I have a House Certificate in my possession. What does one do with this item? Am I to claim a house in-game?
Posted 9 months ago
sideoffries Hello,

You use the certificate in game to own a house. Each house has an address plaque outside of the front door. The grey colored plaques are already owned, but the gold colored ones are available (unowned). Find a home that is unowned, walk through the front door and stand inside the house. Open your trunk (it is one of the buttons around the sillouette in the upper left corner of your game screen), find the housing certificate in one of the places you hold items on your person, click the certificate, and then click "use."

Most available homes are located in Oakston, so you may have to go there to find your house.

Hope to see you in game soon.

Have fun.
Posted 9 months ago
jana Thank you! Yesterday, my certificate went missing from my trunk every time I went to Oakston. I logged in today, it was there, and I followed your directions to home ownership success.
Posted 9 months ago
Sideoffries You're welcome. I'm glad it was finally able to work for you. I play a number of different characters but mostly George Aldridge. Hopefully we will meet in game soon.
Posted 9 months ago

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