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I must present myself, Rae Elaine

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Rae Elaine Glorioski! I think I made it...

I am not particularly new to Jane Austen, but role playing games teazed my fanfiction and other virtual lives. A post in 's Tea Room,124751,124751#msg-124751 pointed me to here. After winkling what I can find, I conclude that I am NOT and cannot be technology equipped to RPG. As I understand, client software is required for RPG, but posting in discussions, fictions, &c. seem feasible as-is. If this Intro appear in "Index > Player Introductions" Then I may add ever, Jane to my mischief in DWG and . The rules and etiquette seem conformable.

Character introductions are done in another thread. "Index > Character Introductions" I still need to draft my character, but I still need to winkle out those mechanics, or if needed since the RPG mechanics may not be in my world. My real name is Definitely Regency Era compatible, and the name I have used for my /Babylon 5/ Prequel character is not too far out, even for a genetically engineered life form (GELF thank you, /Red Dwarf/).

Posted 10 months ago

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