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Well met i'm sure we shall be great friends :)

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clara_davenport My name is Louisa Davenport.
My father brother and i live in a modest estate in Allerford.
I am one of two siblings - I have a brother , Edward- the elder of us both who is in London studying law.
My mother Died of a chest ague. Father said she worried herself to death after the loss of my sister Clara from bilious fever.

I myself, i am well versed in Music, horticulture and have a skilled hand at needlework.
I adore afternoon tea and Opera.
My father Brandon, Has disallowed myself to ride since my unfortunate accident which ended myself into a gooseberry bush. My governess Mrs Hammond seemed most vexed at the state of my new muslin gown, but was pleased i had suffered no malady.

I believe in charity and kindness and do not sit well when friends become distressed or spoken ill of.

It is wonderful to make your acquaintances,
Yours affably ,

Louisa Davenport.
Posted 11 months ago

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