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Working-Class Wednesdays

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Dantes This is by no means official, but I'd like to see if I can start a trend of playing servants and other working-class characters on Wednesdays! There are already a number of servant characters, but they tend to be sidelined when it comes to the main storylines. Servants were largely ignored in Austen's works, but the gentry would never have managed without them.

So let's make a day where they can develop their own stories.

In the background, servants keep households running, anticipate the needs of their masters, run errands, and perform other duties. But they also find time to socialise with friends and family, trade news from household to household, enjoy their infrequent time off, and maybe even find love for themselves. Tradesmen and their households may have a little more freedom, but also more responsibilities. For one day a week, let's bring these characters and their everyday concerns to the fore and let the petty schemes of the gentry fade into the background.

Naturally you don't ~have~ to play a servant on Wednesdays, but if WCW takes off you might find yourself particularly well-attended one day a week! There are many servants — especially chaperones — who have been named but are never "seen" on screen, so if you have created an invisible character like that, consider creating them as an "alt".

I'll be playing Miss Barclay's footman, Ernest Hunter. I hope he will make your acquaintance.

Oh, and don't forget to use the tradesman's entrance!
Posted 1 year ago
Hugh Washington I love the idea of WCW. I have Anna Dotson and Theodore Granger who are servant characters and can bring them in story!
Posted 11 months ago
Lady Jupeck I'm very new here and this sounds great to me... (still learning how to turn, dress and sit...) I have created a cook, maid, and butler for my Lady... are you still doing WCW? I should be getting my own computer within a month so in the mean time I can steal hrs on my DH's... lol
Posted 8 months ago

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