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General Etiquette and Proper Introductions

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Dantes I did some searching for info regarding general etiquette and how to introduce people, and found a few useful articles.

This one provides a general overview of Regency etiquette:

This forum post has some great discussion on the topic of formal introductions, especially the linked post #11:

Given the somewhat sparse nature of Tyrehampton society we must often do away with elements of propriety to avoid roomfuls of people unable to address one another. However, take particular note of the rules on who is presented to whom:
— A male is always presented to a female.
— A young person is always presented to a much older person.
— A person of low rank is always presented to a person of high rank.

While occasionally contradictory, your choice of whom you present to says a lot about who you consider to be more important. For formal introductions, "X, may I present Y" is the basic format; with less formality, I think you can use different wording ("allow me to introduce...", "this is..."), but the order of precedence still applies.

And finally, I would like to inform readers that when introduced to someone for the first time you may ask "How do you do?" — but THIS IS NOT A QUESTION. If someone asks "How do you do?", the only correct response is to reply with "How do you do?" in return. If you want to enquire as to someone's health, you would ask something like "How are you?" or "I trust you are well?", to which they will probably lie rather than bore you with their ills and complaints. ;)
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Hugh Washington This was very helpful. I remember reading that there was a langague that ladies used with their fans and Googled it. I found this address that still worked.
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