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MrTuxedo So, I understand that the game is set during the Regency period of England... Particularly Jane Austen's life, but is there a definitive starting point in which we can ground character information?

I need to write up a bio and dates would be helpful. lol
Posted 1 year ago
moonage We have been playing it a bit loose... I think technically it starts in 1795 and after launch the game calendar was intended to go until 1840 or something. Personally I have been thinking 1805 or thereabouts, but you have a lot of creative freedom within that range. The players generally assume the date of the real world calendar is the same as the in-world character (so we are all playing Christmas stuff right now) but then sometimes we shorten or lengthen periods of time as we feel like, so again, pretty flexible.
Posted 1 year ago
moonage That should have said "in-world calendar", not character. Ugh.
Posted 1 year ago

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