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A Complicated Apology

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s4uc3m4n A few weeks ago I wrote a very anger filled message on this forum talking about my opinions on the state of the game and its players. That was an overreaction to a situation that occurred regarding a player in the game whom I am married to and two people which she considers to be her friends and the reaction the dev team had to the interaction which occurred. When I feel that my partner is being attacked I tend to get an overly aggressive and protective. The reactions to the incident that occurred significantly triggered this response from me. Things corrected themselves between all parties involved, but I had already attempted to smite all those that I perceived opposed her. In doing so I had merely done damage to myself in the confusion.

Additionally some things were said about me and my characters which have made me feel uncomfortable with returning to the game and I have been trying to recover from those statements. Additionally the opinions of the devs with regard to the game’s TOS have made me nervous that inevitably my account would be banned for the actions of Mr. Stevens with regard to their “harassment definition policy” since I do not have to be interacting with a character at all to be considered harassing someone if I trigger some unknown emotional response.

All of this being said I have seriously missed this community. My closing remarks were not targeted at those of you putting serious effort into the game, but the generation that will come after with the current rules as written. I have watched countless role playing environments degenerate into oblivion because of bad management.

If you have made it this far thanks for reading this. I hope that I can, over time, repair the damage I have caused to your opinion of me. Not my characters though… you should probably keep hating at least one of them.
Posted 1 year ago
s4uc3m4n Oh, and since it was made clear I forgot this part...

I'm sorry.
Posted 1 year ago
s4uc3m4n Actually, I need to proof read things better. I just did that... a little late I guess. I did a lot of explaining and not a lot of expressing remorse. I wanted everyone to understand what happened, but I didn't do the most important part.

I'm sorry that I had a massive fit over all of this because of my own personal issues.

I'm sorry that this post is such a mess and if anyone feels it tries to make excuses, please know that was not my intent.

I'm sorry I left.
Posted 1 year ago
s4uc3m4n [I]Test[/I]
Posted 1 year ago

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