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s4uc3m4n As a player of this game whom has had a very serious issue with interaction with his children (my ex left me and attempted to keep my child from me for years. There were no abuse charges or accusations of theats. She just didn’t like that I wasn’t ready for a kid) let me assure you that I am furious over the decision to call for the banning of a character I was playing for the following reason :

Your accounts has been banned due to excessive aggravation of ingame players and this is a violation of our Terms of Service. Our research of the chat logs have determined that your dual-boxing assault of another toon on one of your multiple accounts in game is a violation of our TOS.

Now sadly for some of you, this was not my account and you have thus banned my wife from playing Ever, Jane. A game where only once had she offended any of you and it was in the interest of providing another dramatic encounter for the player base.
Why furious though? Nadine Foxx (Adams) produced a storyline where she broke up with Zed Adams over her pregnancy or at least that seemed to be implied when Silas Turner was offering to marry her.

On a related note, Silas Turner is engaged in an interaction with Miss Copperfield who is playing the role of the type of character that desires to be a beard. To an extent that roleplays I have watched are mentally triggering to me considering I have homosexual friends who had to struggle with the decision of whether or not to come out or try to hide themselves for the sake of their families.
However, I can recognize that these are stories and stories are what drive interaction, discussion, and entertainment. Even the Care Bears had enemies and they had to fight them with the power of friendship. With a TOS like the one above though, there can be no enemies or villains. Once enough of you finally decide that Stevens is too annoying or that Bruna and Wolfgang’s relationship is too uncomfortable for you, then you can have them banned based on the TOS.

Those of you who discussed it with us last night brought us to the decision that we should not carry on with the same activity a second time. We came to a consensus as a community.

However. if it is your desire to have me banned, then I will do you one better and wish you luck with your sub-Care Bear community and I will leave you to discover how boring the game get’s when it’s just a pre-cybering simulation.
Posted 1 year ago

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