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ashura I'm not actually sure where to put this, but 'general' seems better than anywhere else!

Alas, young Emma Williams has not made more than a few acquaintances since her arrival in Tyrehampton (and as to good friends, she expects she feels more fondness for them than they do for her). This is unfortunately the fault of her handler, or rather the dodgy internet provider in her handler's new house, which has made it extremely difficult to maintain presence in the village long enough for a conversation.

However, both Miss Williams and her amanuensis would like very much for this to be remedied, and while time zones and work commitments remain a challenge, they are certainly willing to dedicate some time and effort to developing a new social circle.

We have so far not wished to interrupt the conversations and plotlines people are already pursuing amongst themselves, and would never wish to be too forward - but if anyone should happen to see the young lady about, and would not object to such an acquaintance, I beg you will speak to her. She has been in Tyrehampton for some time already, and it is entirely probable Mrs Hatch or some other suitable party has already made the necessary introductions, but even if not, these things are certainly easily overcome.
Posted 1 year ago
Flore I'm pretty sure my character, Eleanor Robins, and yours have met and started to bond through their love of Mrs Radcliffe's novels. Miss Robins will be happy to talk to Miss Williams again if they happen to meet in the parlour.
Posted 1 year ago
Dantes I'm afraid I (as Mr. Drake) have not had the pleasure of meeting Miss Emma Williams yet, though if I see her I shall be pleased to engage her in conversation should propriety allow. There are a good many ongoing plotlines, but they all weave together to form the life of the village as a whole, so don't be overly concerned about trying to join in. Most of the regular inhabitants are, I have found, quite friendly, and we do love learning of new people and circumstances. Many will also be quite happy to tell you all about their own troubles (or at least emote evocatively while subtly offering vague clues).

At the moment many of the ongoing stories are somewhat troubled in nature, so the mood may be somewhat sombre or concealed, but don't be afraid to present your own story hooks for people to respond to either. A reserved personality may be becoming, but it does little for involvement in society.

If you enter the parlour while others are already there (a daunting process, I am well aware), you'll find that more often than not *Mrs. Hatch makes the appropriate introductions* fairly swiftly.

Good luck, and I hope to see you in game! What time zone are you in, and when are you regularly online?
Posted 1 year ago
sophiaunderwood Miss Underwood has greatly enjoyed her past conversation with Miss Williams and looks forward to improving their acquaintance. Sadly, it may be some weeks before Miss Underwood is well enough to be out and about in town. (I will have poor to no Internet coverage for the next month or so.)

As the handler of a reserved character, I'll second Dantes' comment that play moves much more slowly with them. I (somewhat deliberately) spent about a month acting more as a peripheral character, before it seemed there were strong enough friendships that my character would feel comfortable revealing more of herself. She still is removed from much of the drama, in character.

I think having reserved characters is hugely important, especially in a Regency game, mind you. And there can be power to be had by introverts. Be present, be patient, and let the trust between characters build as it does in real life.

It all boils down to what story you want to tell.
Posted 1 year ago

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