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Usernamechosen I'm done with this game. Has been impossible for me to find much RP here. Not sure if it's me or what and that's ok.

Be well.

Alice V.
Posted 1 year ago
ManfredofOtranto Hello there,

Since you are gone, I am not sure if you will get this, but I thought I would say that you will be missed. However, I do not recall any instance when anyone has overtly denied RPing with you. If you're looking specifically for romance RP, I can tell you as someone who has RPed for many years that it is not something that comes easily, and that it is often a very bumpy road when it is found.

I wish you all the best in your new endeavors.


Posted 1 year ago
usernamechosen Hey Manfred,

It wasn't really about romance RP, although if I'm to be completely forthcoming, there have been a few things that have bothered me. Being a newbie, of course, there's always going to be those cliques that form before you get to the place, so you can't really do much of that.

The romance aspect of the RP is cool and everything - and the very point of the game is to hook up with someone, that's what Jane Austen times were about, honestly. That, and society pecking order, etc, etc. Just didn't think I'd be so low in the pecking order. The game isn't that fun from that perspective, I suppose. It's not that I was crying over it - just honestly, standing there. Bored. Most of the time.

It's like the only way to really fit in is to wait AFK until people befriend me. There are all these sub-RPs going on. Now, I realize that's how RP works. I've RPed for many years. It's just kind of difficult when barely anyone is RPing with you or even talking to OOCly.

If you'll notice, many people saw that I said goodbye - and you are the only one responding. Should give you a clue of how much I'm really missed. lol

The girl who plays Alice Copperfield, along with Mr. Rossetti's puppeteer (which I'm fairly sure is you), are the only two who have really made me feel very welcome in the game. I'm not saying I'm not tolerated, but there have been some clues about my being really liked in the community. One is that if you look on the character introductions page, mine is the only one who has zero replies. Two is when I asked a flood of people if my dress was okay for the ball, not one person could tell me yes or no, when I asked for an honest opinion, so I ended up being the odd one out in this pink muslin that probably isn't very flattering. I'd spent all my currency on casual clothing, not really thinking there'd be this ball before the final release of the game. So I felt really dumb - especially when my character ended up standing in a corner, barely talking to anyone and not once asked for a dance. So, I felt like these were some clues - like, okay, no one wants me here. Except you and moonage.

Not the best feeling.

I might be back. But I was just really irritated the other night because it felt like everyone was snubbing me on purpose. Doubt it will change.

- Alice V
Posted 1 year ago
s4uc3m4n When someone typically leaves a post on a forum claiming they are leaving, people will often not comment reply to that post if they don't feel the person is likely to respond. Many of these threads can transform into something quite toxic and as this is a community which is just starting, toxicity is not something that we would necessarily want to inject at the moment. However, if you wish feel it necessary to make indirect accusations at others for a lack of your acknowledgement or cliquish activity, then I feel it necessary to clarify the community that currently exists.

In text based roleplay, story triggering is largely up to you. Many people will simply read a bio and commit that to memory unless there is something they specifically feel a motivation to comment on it. I should point out that 2 of my character's intros did not get replies to them until after I had created story interactions for them. In fact, William Stevens has not had a single player address his intro, and yet the town knows him. I had to make him known.

In my humble opinion, the Ball did the best to show exactly how well some of the stories could cross over into each other. I feel that for a group of people forging a community that is as young as it is people have done a lot to try to bring people into the stories, and some stories are told slowly and carefully. The key to telling the story is to decide what story you want to tell. Much like writing a book. Choose a genre and focus your character towards it, communicate with others in the parlor and be engaging in some way.

It is often sad to see a player go, but if you cannot find joy in this game then I hope you find it in the next.
Posted 1 year ago
zadams Alice V.,

I'm sorry that you haven't had a great experience in the game. If I have contributed to that, I'm sorry. You and Ms. Voltaire seem cool to me, though Zed had not spent the time yet in game to get to know Ms. V. better.

I agree with the other comments here, and hope that you either find a way to make things fun, or find something that works better.

Posted 1 year ago
jessicapatel123 hye i'm new user i like this .

jessica patel
Posted 1 year ago
oliviawilliams Hello, guys, I am Olivia Williams and I am newly joined here
Posted 4 months ago

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