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The Ball: OOC Chats/IC Whispers

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mgumbalz Good Evening, everyone!

A point that has been raised among some players in regards to tomorrow's ball is that of the small chat box + the combination of IC and OOC/peanut gallery chatter. Since so many people will be in attendance, and the chat box does not archive text, things might happen so rapidly that people could easily become lost at the event.

I asked around, looked at some apps, and was pointed towards Dischord, something my fiancé often uses for RPG chatting. It allows for multiple channels, as well as 1-on-1 chat (it also has a voice chatting function, but this is not something I think we will need and is easily deactivated). It can be used in a browser, or with downloadable apps for computer and smartphone.

I have created a Tyrehampton server, which can be accessed at the following link:

I thought it might be beneficial to have a separate place for OOC chatting, as well as a venue for IC /whispers (as these are not yet available in-game) if players are so inclined. I know a lot of the fun has to do with being able to overhear conversations, but it could be left to each player's discretion as to what they say in the chat box (ie: do you /want/ to be overheard?) and what they say more "privately." This also archives text, so anybody that steps away for a few moments and returns should not lose what has previous been said.

I simply created my username as emilia.bexley for the server, to minimize any sort of confusion, and anyone wishing to utilize this 3rd party software could do the same with their character names.

Of course, it is not a perfect solution, and please do not hesitate to let me know if there is a better option, or if you would rather keep all exchanges in the EJ client. I just thought I would propose this in case anyone was interested in an alternative to the speedy nature of the chat box, especially with 20+ users potentially logged on at the Estate tomorrow.

Excited for the ball!
Posted 1 year ago
Doug Thank you for the update and what a wonderful surprise for us to host such an event. I will make sure our 'Grounds Keeper' is busy in the Estate Gardens in case he is needed. We do plan on introducing localized chat in the near future but what I have read (above) is great and good for all. Thank you and please let us know what time things are scheduled for.
Posted 1 year ago
MyLadyTeri This is a great idea!

Doug, the ball is schedule for Sunday, beginning at 8pm CST.
Posted 1 year ago
Doug Thanks
Posted 1 year ago
s4uc3m4n I knew I shouldn't have waited until the day of the ball to announce mine. I was planning to set one up the day of and then invite everyone at the start of the ball.
Posted 1 year ago
MGumBalz Aw, that's okay! I figured announcing one a day early would give people who haven't used Dischord an opportunity to play around and get used to it before the ball starts.
Posted 1 year ago
Jenny309 Hey, is this still a thing everyone is doing?
Posted 1 year ago
Jenny309 Nevermind
Posted 1 year ago

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