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Personality Traits Scoring System

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byzantiumc I read on the 3turnproductions website that the Personality Traits Scoring System is still under development. But it does say that your traits will increase or decrease based on the choices you make. Also, each character I play, starts with a different kind of character combination. It asks me to choose which trait to develop, and which to sacrifice, but it seems to make no difference. Yet, the bars of the qualities start to change - seemingly at random. For example, Character A will have a high level of "reputation" and decreased "status", even though I've chosen to increase his status and decrease his happiness. The character happens to be a Lord, although I suppose the title makes no difference at this stage? Another character - from the moment I created her - was high on status and happiness, but low on the others. I hadn't really done anything like RP or complete a quest yet, so are characters just "born" with a random combination of personality traits, and we then have to adjust it? If so, how does one adjust it other than choosing + and -, because those don't seem to make any difference.

My question is: Is the Personality Traits Scoring System working/partially working? If so, how does it work, because *something* is happening, but I can't understand how or why. (If there are certain actions that affect the personality traits, it would be helpful to have them listed.) I did read the 3turnproductions page on it, but it doesn't answer my questions.

I think I've figured out all the other aspects of the game (thanks to a great admin, a good forum, a generally informative 3turnpage, and helpful players), but this still stumps me.
Posted 2 months ago
Doug The scoring systems is only set up for invitations and nothing else. You can send and receive invitations and watch some traits move if you send and receive enough. We just do not have the time atm to set up and implement and test all of the traits and all of the + and - interactions. It is something on our list of things that has to get done but we just cannot give a completion date.
Posted 2 months ago
byzantiumc Oh, so adjusting the + and - buttons doesn't really affect the personality traits, and the changes I'm seeing in the levels of each personality trait are, I suppose, random? (Since I haven't had any invitations.) Thank you for clarifying. :)
Posted 2 months ago

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