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How does one throw a ball?

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TrueWizard1507 I'm hoping some of the more experienced players will be able to help here, as I know balls have been thrown in the past. As there are a lot of new players about recently ((and my character's brother is finally arriving)) I wanted to throw a ball in his honour. I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet people. Is there a way of organising it without needing to invite everyone in-game? I only met around 15 characters and that's not enough people for a full ball.
Posted 3 months ago
Flore Hi and welcome!

The older players are actually planning on throwing a ball soon, so that we can welcome all the newcomers! We'll try to have it during the afternoon EST so that our friends from the UK can join too.

That said, if you also want to throw one for your new character, you can post an invitation in the Post office so that anyone interested can see when you're planning to have it!
Posted 3 months ago

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