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judy As many MAC users are experiencing, there are some issues with the game and we aren't at the moment able to fix them. Some research, however, shows we are not alone. Many Unity games are having the same issues. I think we need to wait until Unity and MAC have worked those issues out and I do apologize for this. It may require that we port our game to the latest version of Unity but as that is not a trivial task we are trying go avoid it if possible as it will simply add more time before launch. But if necessary we will.

Here is a link to an article regarding the issues and the why and wherefore. It has a couple of suggestions regarding moving files to a secondary file system but I think that's more for the editor than the game itself. At any rate, I wanted to share. We are doing what we can but at the moment there isn't much we CAN do.
Posted 3 months ago

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