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Lady Jupeck Been Looking but cant find any info on these...

1. How and where do they get delivered?
2.How do we change into our new garments?
3. Do all of our 'extra' charactors share the same $ and clothes?
Posted 8 months ago
Doug All furniture purchased is available from your Warehouse icon - it is between the Horse icon and the ? icon on the right side. You can click it to open and once inside your house you can place furniture purchased in your house.
For any clothing purchased you need to enter Ms. Hatch's parlor, turn left, go up the stairs and click on the first door on the right to enter the changing room. There is a mirror so you can look at yourself and on your right is a wardrobe, left click to open and you will then see all of the clothing you have purchased (including your default outfit). You can then turn back towards the mirror and click on the outfits to see what looks best on you.
All furniture, clothing and $ is shared between characters on each account. If you have multiple accounts you will have to purchase items for each account.
Posted 8 months ago
Lady Jupeck Okay... so there was finally a door to the dressing room and I was able to change... I thought my home was #10 (and there is no #10) but it was #19 Theobald's but when I went back to my home... It wasn't mine any more... Now somehow I am registered into the next to the end three story in the first unit as you enter Oakston, #43 However... there is absolutely 'NO' furniture what-so-ever ... all missing and still have a tiny bit of grass in the basement... not as much... Then logged out and in again.... Went back to #43.. the address sign said it was mine.... went in, all the furniture was back ... but when I tried to unload my new furniture the chat box said it was not my house.... this is getting totally frustrating for a game that is suppose to be fun and calming. Can you please just cancel my account and refund my money? These last three days have me a wreck.... and in tears!
Posted 8 months ago
Doug Lady Jupeck:

Please send an email to, from the email you used to create you account, and we can take it from there.
Posted 8 months ago

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