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Rae Elaine What county contain Tyrehampton?

We know that Longbourn is in Hertfordshire (P&P), Hartfield (Emma) is in Surrey, and the Dashwoods (S&S) come out of Sussex then went to Devonshire. Those are the three JA stories I am moderately familiar. Jane Austen's home turfs tend to be fictional, but her counties and main cities are on England maps. I can appreciate Tyrehampton being unfixed, but an assigned county would help me plot my glideslopes prior to a: Very hard landing.

Ideas? Or have we got an item to sort out?
Posted 10 months ago
Sarah The answer I've seen Judy give in the past is this: We are in "generic Northern England" similar to where Chatsworth is located. We do have plans for Bath and Brighton in the future as larger cities while Tyrehampton is a very small city closer to a town. I would assume public coaches to both towns as well as to London.

I think we'd also be open to sorting out as well! *smiles* Our Lead Artist, Renee, found this excellent location resource on the JASNA website:
Posted 10 months ago Last updated 10 months ago
Rae Elaine Thank you, Sarah. JASNA is a very authoritative site, and has a lot of useful information, especially:

See where the adaptions used for the scenery.

One thing about using Chatsworth location, Chatsworth was where Joe Wright, who produced /Pride & Prejudice/ in 2005 put Pemberley, but the story has Chatsworth as a go-through for Elizabeth Bennet with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner. For Pemberley, I think it is hard to beat Lyme Park, as was used in the 1995 six part miniseries.

Perhaps Derbyshiire is a bit too far north to place Tyrehampton, which may need to serve in many Jane Austen fanfics. A place in Sussex county would serve, but maybe in Berkshire could be more central. Remember: JA put her stories' homes in fictional places but with real places relatively nearby.

Or perhaps, some other forum may be needed to come to a final location resolution? Thoughts?
Posted 10 months ago
Flore Hey! Just to say that most of the players here have gone with Derbyshire, near Chartsworth.
Posted 10 months ago
Rae Elaine You are probably right, Flore. The JASNA maps have those /Pride and Prejudice/ location in Derbyshire, because of the weight they carried in the story. S&S is bound to Southern England and in /Emma/, Emma Woodhouse was bound to Surrey County. I will leave it to others to cite the other Jane Austen stories. Still, a more central location, and as by weighing the locations, would better serve as a location for Tyrehampton for this web site. If Tyrehampton is bound in Derbyshire, close to Chatsworth, then it is tightly coupled to about a quarter of P&P, which would not likely serve other JA stories' fans.
Posted 10 months ago

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