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Rae Elaine What county contain Tyrehampton?

We know that Longbourn is in Hertfordshire (P&P), Hartfield (Emma) is in Surrey, and the Dashwoods (S&S) come out of Sussex then went to Devonshire. Those are the three JA stories I am moderately familiar. Jane Austen's home turfs tend to be fictional, but her counties and main cities are on England maps. I can appreciate Tyrehampton being unfixed, but an assigned county would help me plot my glideslopes prior to a: Very hard landing.

Ideas? Or have we got an item to sort out?
Posted 8 months ago
Sarah The answer I've seen Judy give in the past is this: We are in "generic Northern England" similar to where Chatsworth is located. We do have plans for Bath and Brighton in the future as larger cities while Tyrehampton is a very small city closer to a town. I would assume public coaches to both towns as well as to London.

I think we'd also be open to sorting out as well! *smiles* Our Lead Artist, Renee, found this excellent location resource on the JASNA website:
Posted 8 months ago Last updated 8 months ago
Rae Elaine Thank you, Sarah. JASNA is a very authoritative site, and has a lot of useful information, especially:

See where the adaptions used for the scenery.

One thing about using Chatsworth location, Chatsworth was where Joe Wright, who produced /Pride & Prejudice/ in 2005 put Pemberley, but the story has Chatsworth as a go-through for Elizabeth Bennet with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner. For Pemberley, I think it is hard to beat Lyme Park, as was used in the 1995 six part miniseries.

Perhaps Derbyshiire is a bit too far north to place Tyrehampton, which may need to serve in many Jane Austen fanfics. A place in Sussex county would serve, but maybe in Berkshire could be more central. Remember: JA put her stories' homes in fictional places but with real places relatively nearby.

Or perhaps, some other forum may be needed to come to a final location resolution? Thoughts?
Posted 7 months ago
Flore Hey! Just to say that most of the players here have gone with Derbyshire, near Chartsworth.
Posted 7 months ago
Rae Elaine You are probably right, Flore. The JASNA maps have those /Pride and Prejudice/ location in Derbyshire, because of the weight they carried in the story. S&S is bound to Southern England and in /Emma/, Emma Woodhouse was bound to Surrey County. I will leave it to others to cite the other Jane Austen stories. Still, a more central location, and as by weighing the locations, would better serve as a location for Tyrehampton for this web site. If Tyrehampton is bound in Derbyshire, close to Chatsworth, then it is tightly coupled to about a quarter of P&P, which would not likely serve other JA stories' fans.
Posted 7 months ago

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