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Ever, Jane - Open Beta Release Notes, Update 2 - October 13, 2016

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Sarah Good day to everyone! Our second update of Open Beta is ready for download. As always, we welcome your feedback on any changes or additions.

The previous game client will no longer be able to login. Your existing account will login normally to the new version of the game. Get the newest version of the game client from our website:
(We have added a Linux client but do not at this time have the hardware for testing it. Linux users, if you’re especially brave, let us know how it works!)

Please keep a backup of your previous game client folder. Currently, any in-game letters you have sent or received are stored locally on your computer. Your Journal of acquaintances is stored in our database and will be preserved with your character between updates. Please see this article in the Knowledge Base regarding transferring your in-game letters between game updates:
New Clothing in Ever, Jane

What’s included in this update:

  • October Special Event: At random times throughout the month of October you may see a special event take place in Mrs. Hatch’s parlor… or wait, did you see it? (Note: Sound is a part of this event.)
  • October Marketplace Additions: We’ve added a range of new selections to the Marketplace. Update your character’s look with a new “Simple White” women’s clothing color choice, soft colors for the Puffed Sleeve with Gloves gown, the “Mourning Coat” and other women’s coat colors, and many elegant color options for the Long Coat Dancing Suit for men!
  • Improved Login/Logout Stability: Characters/Accounts should no longer get stuck and be unable to login until a server restart. If you are unable to log back in: wait for 5 minutes, try again and if you are still unable to login normally contact with your account name to report the issue.
  • Proximity Chat is here! Default chat will no longer be sent to the entire village. You now have options for how far you want your chat to be seen. This is our first implementation of proximity chat so your bug reports and feedback are very important.

    • /say: Default chat is /say. This is the chat type when you don’t put any command in front of your chat text. You can be heard in the approximate area of a strong speaking voice. Players outside of this range will not see your chat.
    • /shout: Use /shout to send a message visible to the entire village or area. For example, /shout Watch out for the carriage!
    • /whisper: Use /whisper to chat only with those very close to you. If a player is on the other side of the room they will not see your message. For example, /whisper Do you know that handsome fellow in the doorway?
    • /private Player Name: This command will send a message directly to another player. For example, /private Sarah Worthwaite ((I can only stay online for another hour.))

      • Note that if you mistype the command “/private” your intended private message will be displayed in regular “say” chat. For example, /privvate Sarah Worthwaite This message will be seen by everyone in the area.

  • Check who’s in the village: See what players are online with /who. Use the /who command in chat to show a list of the players and NPCs currently in the area. (Using the command in Tyrehampton will show players in Tyrehampton but not in the Estate and vice versa.)
  • New Story: Through Primrose Tufts: From a great forum suggestion we have added a new single player story! Take a refreshing walk in the outskirts of Tyrehampton to find special, sparkling flowers. (Start this Story, “Through Primrose Tufts”, from the list in the Writing Desk. Check the new Knowledge Base articles if you’d like hints or a complete walk through.)
  • Show/Hide your hat: If your character originally has a hat or bonnet, use “/hat” in chat to turn your hat on and off. (For now, this command will do nothing if your original character does not have a hat. We will be adding the ability to acquire hats in a future update.)
  • Quit Story: You now have the option to “Quit” any Story through the Writing Desk. After you have joined a Story the Join button will change to Quit. Please try this option if you are having problems with a Story, no longer wish to finish or would like to restart a Story.
  • Overhead Name and Calendar Font: We have changed the fonts for the overhead character name and Calendar text to increase clarity
  • Stories: “The Lost Handkerchief” and “Bo Peep”: These Stories should be working again normally for existing and new characters. (Note: “Sabotage” and “In Want of a Spouse” cannot be completed at this time.)
  • Optimization: Invitations have been transitioned over to a faster, new underlying system. This is the first feature to use this new system. Other features, such as Acquaintances, will also be transitioned over in the next update.
  • Additional Sounds: We are slowly starting to put sounds in the world. In addition to the special event sound, you’ll now hear sheep sounds when nearby the pen
  • Bug: Sitting/Standing: Other players should see you more accurately as standing or sitting, even if they have joined the game after your character. This is also true for wearing or removing your hat.
  • Bug: Dark Men’s Hat: In Character Create, you can now select the dark color for the men’s hats in addition to the light color.
  • Bug: Men’s Loose White Shirt: The male “Pirate” shirt should clip into the legs much less on lower graphics settings
  • Bug: Men’s Medium Hair with a Hat: There should no longer be a hole in the hair near the forehead when wearing the Medium hair with a hat

Known Issues:

  • Completed stories coming back: Sometimes your Task List will fill up with Stories you’ve already completed when you transition from one area to another (for example, from Tyrehampton to the Estate). This sometimes happens just when logging in normally.

    • Until we can fix the issue in a future update you can hide the Task List (click the button with the check mark above your character’s name in the upper left corner), complete the Stories again or Quit them from the Writing Desk.

  • Dressing Room clothing list sometimes incomplete: We are trying to track down and fix an issue that sometimes happens after making many purchases in the Marketplace. If you do not see the list of clothing options that should be available to you, please email with your account name to report that you’re seeing the issue.
  • Quit Story when on multiple Stories: This button will appear to quit all current Stories, removing them from your Task List. However, on your next login only the Story you chose to end will be removed from the Task List.
  • Quit Story and related objects: Currently when you quit a Story the related objects, such as the handkerchief for “The Lost Handkerchief”, will not go away.
  • Invisibility after Parlor Button: On occasion when using the Parlor button your character will be invisible to others for a short time. You will be able to chat normally, but your character may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to become visible to others.
  • Estate Carriages: The new carriage locations in the Estate are not visible unless you have also been in the village of Tyrehampton during that play session. Once you enter the Estate from Tyrehampton the carriages at the end of the tunnel of trees and the foot of the main stairs will be visible.
  • Greeting Issue: Deep Bow/Deep Curtsy is not properly adding the targeted character to your Journal acquaintance list (Nod and Bow/Curtsy should add the targeted character as expected)
  • Outdated Cottages in Tyrehampton: There are still some outdated and broken cottages in Tyrehampton. Consider these unfortunate slums, even in our fair village, until future renovations.
  • Mini Map: Map icons are not functioning as intended for Story goals
  • Endless Funeral: The funeral for “A Wretched Beginning” is sometimes perpetual
  • Currently non-functioning Stories: “Sabotage Chapter 1” and “In Want of a Spouse” cannot be completed

    • These Stories have been temporarily removed from the list while we work on a fix.

  • Mouse Speed: The mouse look speed is too fast for many players and cannot currently be adjusted
  • Font Clarity: Need increased font clarity throughout the game & ensure all screen resolutions function equally well for things like lists (e.g. Dressing Room Armoire)

We are still working on these and other problems and will include fixes as soon as we can in future game updates. Please continue to report problems, and also workarounds, when you find them. As always, it’s fantastic to see our community helping and encouraging each other.

New/Updated Knowledge Base Articles:

New Clothing in Ever, Jane

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MiAshley16 Hi, I just attempted to download the new update. The link here sent me to the regular drop box page but it said that there were no folders there. A few minutes ago, I deleted the old version that I had to get this new update. How do I go about getting this one now that the link doesn't work?
Posted 1 year ago
s4uc3m4n Good update!
Posted 1 year ago
Doug If the dropbox is empty - please refresh that page or exit and go back in.
Posted 1 year ago
xMayberry Oh how exciting!! Can't wait to get in game!
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