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Ever, Jane - Open Beta Release Notes, Update 4 - March 21, 2017

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Sarah Good day, dear friends! Update 4 for Open Beta is now available. We’re eager to add the townhouses and cottages to home ownership, fundamental changes to the Story system, additional construction on the Estate, carriages you can both drive and ride as a passenger, the first implementation of much awaited horseback riding and more!

The previous game client will no longer be able to login. Your existing account will login normally to the new version of the game. Get the newest version of the game client from our website:

(We’re continuing to add a Linux client but at this time do not have the hardware for testing it. Linux users, give us any feedback you have about this version of the client.)

Please keep a backup of your previous game client folder. Currently, any in-game letters you have sent or received are stored locally on your computer: ejLetters.yap. Copy this file between your game clients to preserve your letters. Your Journal of acquaintances is stored in our database and will be preserved with your character between updates.

New file: With the important changes to the Story system, there is a new local file that functions like a bookmark and tracks your place in the Magazine. This file is named ejMag.yap and is stored next to your letters file. This file should also be copied to your new folder whenever you update the game.

Please see this article in the Knowledge Base regarding transferring your in-game letters and Magazine bookmark between game updates:
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What’s included in Update 4:

  • Townhouses and Cottages available for Home Ownership in Tyrehampton: These new homes are a larger size than the current terraced homes. The townhouse features a basement. Housing is still scarce in the village, so we are implementing the following rules.

    • ***If you do not intend to use your home please use the /unown command while in your home to allow another player the chance to claim it.***

    • If you own any home and it has been over 30 days since your last login we will send you a 1 week warning email. Login or your home will be unowned at the end of the week.

  • Changes to the Story system backbone: Many of these changes are behind the scenes and allow us to change and add Stories much more easily and make them accessible in new ways. We are continuing to refine our Story Builder tool. It is still our intention, after much internal testing, to make a version of this tool available to our creative community.

    • The informational text in the Magazine is now more clear to read. The Magazine (? button in the lower right Action Bar) gives context and guidance, helping you with Stories and other features.

  • Proximity Chat Entirely More Trustworthy: We’ve changed how the proximity chat functions and it has been solid in our internal testing. Please give your shouting voices a much deserved rest and try again to use default chat (/say), /whisper, /shout and /private as required.

  • Horseback Riding first implementation: Our first pass on horses is here! While not yet a polished experience, we do hope you enjoy riding through the village. Click on the horse button in the lower right Action Bar to summon/dismiss a horse.

  • New Riding Outfits in the Marketplace: Fit for a drive through the village, both ladies and gentlemen will find three colors available including hats and gloves.

  • Exiting, Driving and Riding in a Carriage: You can now choose to ride as a passenger in a carriage. Select “Enter” after clicking on the carriage. The current carriage can seat two passengers and one driver. No longer do you exit a carriage by left clicking. Instead, click the carriage button again to leave.

  • Continued Revisions to the Estate: Lord Fillintheblank has revealed the latest work to the Estate grounds and structures! While this work continues, you should now feel free to indulge your adventurous self and explore the full layout. (Prop support for the servants areas, such as the kitchen, will be added in a future update.) Please report any problem spots you may find in your explorations.

Ever, Jane Update 4 Passenger Carriages Image
Known Issues:

  • Trouble playing the game with an updated MacOS: Some Mac players are reporting that as of Update 3 they cannot play normally. However, not all players with an updated OS appear to be having this issue; if you are playing on a Mac please email to let us know your current OS version and how the Update 4 game client works for you.

  • Missing Task List on new characters: If you make a new character you must successfully complete the tutorials, such as raising and lowering Personality Traits, or your Task List may not appear for the Stories.

  • Redecorating Cottage Walls: You cannot click interior walls that are adjacent to exterior walls to change wallpaper in Cottages. For now, click any other interior wall in the room and the UI will appear normally.

  • Cottage Servant’s Upstairs Hall: This room cannot currently be re-decorated.

  • First Implementation Horseback Riding Issues: There are a few known issues we’ll be addressing in a future update, but as always send us any bugs you find!

    • Horses can be summoned in some buildings. (Your horse will be sent away automatically.)

    • Riders are seated as if in chairs, not saddles or side-saddles. (This animation will be hooked up on the next implementation of riding.)

    • Horses do not yet jump. (Fox hunting!)

  • “Send to Warehouse” removes all furniture of that type from a room: When you remove a piece of furniture from a room, currently, it removes all the pieces of that one type of furniture from that room only. In a future update you will only remove the single piece of furniture you click.

  • Default home wardrobe clothing changes do not save: There is a wardrobe in the upstairs of your new home that has an “Open” option and appears to change your outfit. The outfit change does not yet save. Please continue using the Dressing Room in Mrs. Hatch’s cottage if you wish to change your clothing.

  • Completed stories coming back: Sometimes your Task List will fill up with Stories you’ve already completed when you transition from one area to another (for example, from Tyrehampton to the Estate). Until we can fix the issue in a future update you can hide the Task List (click the button with the check mark above your character’s name in the upper left corner), complete the Stories again or Quit them from the Writing Desk.

  • Quit Story when on multiple Stories: This button will appear to quit all current Stories, removing them from your Task List. However, on your next login only the Story you chose to end will be removed from the Task List.

  • Quit Story and related objects: Currently when you quit a Story the related objects, such as the handkerchief for “The Lost Handkerchief”, will not go away.

  • Invisibility after Parlor Button: On occasion when using the Parlor button your character will be invisible to others for a short time. You will be able to chat normally, but your character may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to become visible to others.

  • Estate Carriages: The new carriage locations in the Estate are not visible unless you have also been in the village of Tyrehampton during that play session. Once you enter the Estate from Tyrehampton the carriages at the end of the tunnel of trees and the foot of the main stairs will be visible.

  • Greeting Issue: Deep Bow/Deep Curtsy is not properly adding the targeted character to your Journal acquaintance list (Nod and Bow/Curtsy should add the targeted character as expected)

  • Mini Map: Map icons are not yet functioning as intended for Story goals

  • Endless Funeral: The funeral for “A Wretched Beginning” is sometimes perpetual

  • Mouse Speed: The mouse look speed is too fast for many players and cannot currently be adjusted

  • UI Clarity: UI clarity is an ongoing process (see recent improvements to Magazine informational text)

We continue working on these and other issues and will include fixes as soon as we can in future game updates. Please continue to report any issues, and also temporary workarounds, when you find them.

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Updated or New Knowledge Base Articles:

For any questions or assistance with the update please contact us at

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