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An easier way to change a character's name upon marriage?

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moonage Name-changes IRL are a pain in the butt, but in-game, it would be nice if they were a little easier. :)

Currently when a female character gets married, her player has to create a new character with the new name, meaning that the character loses all their previous letters, acquaintances, etc. A married female home-owner must also "unown" the house as her former name and "re-own" the house under her married name, which cannot happen until after a server reset, and my understanding is that this process has been buggy and can result in houses being marked as "un-owned" but then unable to be re-purchased.

I understand reluctance to make character name-changes easy, because trolls may use them to circumvent banning, etc. But perhaps there could be a process where a married lady could apply to a village official to have her surname changed on her avatar and house (and any other "official" documents that may be introduced in the future)?
Posted 1 year ago
Doug In EverJane it is a little easier. Please send an email to, it must be from the account of the female character, it must state the characters current full name - first name and last name - and it must state what you want the new full name to be - new name must include first name and new last name. The new name must be in compliance of our TOS or it will be denied. I would ask that this be done after any marriage has taken place in game and it must be stated in the email that this is a name change due to marriage and marriage only.

House, if owned, should show the new name on the house name plate after the server reboot. If after having the new name, and before the server reboot, you try to modify the contents of the house it may not be allowed by the game until after the server reboot.

Thank you can congratulations
Posted 1 year ago

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